The Electrical Rooflight That Changes Your Home


As well as having an electrical window, they are also efficient

Rooflights fitted with electrical facilities allow them to open, so you can get a glimpse of the fresh air outside. They are designed with efficient and minimal design as well as effortless automation.

With an amazing U-Value of 0.97, this rooflight ensures minimal heat loss – this is done through the amazing materials used when building these rooflights.

A rooflight built with safety features, you can ensure you are in safe hands

Rooflights are at their best when double glazed and all built with laminated glass. They are designed like this as it can hold together when any force hits it, or even breaks. It allows better security and an option that is toughened.

How the electrical side of it works

Most opening rooflights include a switch allowing you to open 2 rooflights all at one time and can be operated simultaneously. They also include temperature and rain sensors, so if it gets a little chilly outside, they will close.

All opening models will include the unique design of rooflights so an actuator will be able to fit in it, so it keep all the systems needed to be in one place so it can look its best.

With these, there are no issues whatsoever

Some of you might be wondering how bad the water pooling is, especially on rooflights that can be opened. This is why they have been designed with a solution to minimise this – built with powder coating on all external frames it means the water can slide right off.

Please note*

Roof lights are only suitable on flat roofs. Before having your roof light installed, we suggest having a reliable roofer pop round to ensure that your flat roof has a sound structure and is performing as it should be. What is a rubber flat roof?